Monday, October 24, 2016

October News - MIND: The Reckoning is HERE!

Hi Everyone!

Book 3 MIND: The Reckoning is almost here! Only one more day until the book release and event party on Facebook! Here's the link if you haven't joined yet!

Giveaways will start early in the morning on Tuesday and most will be open for a whole week to give everyone time to enter for a chance to win. Event party starts at 6:30PM EST!

I'll be giving away SIGNED Paperbacks, Ebooks, T-Shirts and Giftcards! Books 1 & 2 will be on sale for a week AND I will also be sharing the cover and book trailer for the 4th Book MIND: The Message, which is already done and slated for a March 2017 release!

Here's a little teaser of MIND: The Reckoning to hold you off until tomorrow! I hope to see you all there. <3 jenn="" p="">

As Bates bypassed the crafters and artists, the scent of Asian BBQ wafted through the air. He grumbled along with his stomach and hoped a few of them stuck around so he could pick something up on his way out.

"How’s it going?" Dina Ranger asked via his earcomm, jolting him.

"Shit! Forgot I had this bloody thing in," he replied, taking a breath and shutting his eyes for a second.

"Have to get used to it if you want to be in the field...alone."

"Unlike your brother, I need some me time, Sherlock." This time, he chuckled when he felt her brush his mind with calming thoughts. "How’s Lexa? Any change?"

"No, nothing. Never changes. I...just don’t get it."

"Me either," he said with a sigh, quickly putting it out of his mind to maintain his focus. "I just got to the park. I’ll check in before I leave."

"Okay. And whatever has you so hungry bring some back. Talk to ya."

Shaking his head, Bates waited for the static of the comm to fade before pushing farther into the park, eyeing the tables and tents, but mostly their occupants, searching for a face. Miss Takashi had a pretty face, although older now, since the photo from the collective Meta-alien Investigation and Neutralization Department database was almost one hundred years old.

When he neared the end of the first row of vendor tents, he took in the sight of the city across the river, and then found the second and final row of vendors left to search.
He politely declined several offers to purchase various items like candles and potholders, wondering why his ‘blah face’—a term his new friend Kim called his usual stern fa├žade—wasn’t working.

Toward the middle of the second row, Bates slowed, eyeing a colorful booth, shrouded in light purple curtains, and a sign that screamed for attention. When a face-painted toddler, followed by a frantic parent, came running out of the booth, he barely sidestepped out of the way. The parent offered Bates a weary shrug. He nodded politely and carried onward, finally seeing a sign for "Madam Takashi" two booths down.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

It's September, already?! #Giveaway #BookBlurb #BookNews

Hi Everyone!

We're winding down the year, can you believe it? I have lots of news to share with you. First, MIND: The Reckoning is in the final editing stages and the ARC for reviewers will be ready soon. Want to be one of the first people to read it? Join the street team: or shoot me an email: The only thing I ask is for your honest review to be posted on release day 10/26 or the day after!!

Here's the cover and blurb to entice you:

Baldwin Bates has only wanted one thing since joining MIND, to take care of his friends and keep them all safe. While the Meta-Alien Investigation and Neutralization Department is busy monitoring an emergence of human psychic and alien activity, Bates takes his first solo assignment searching for a woman who claims to see the future, only to botch it up and let her get away.  

After helping to destroy an alien device called the Transcender, Lexa Quinn wakes from a two-week coma a very different person than she was before. While her abilities grow stronger, her feelings for Bates begin to interfere with the MIND team's mission, putting everyone at risk. Secrets from her past threaten the present and future, forcing Lexa to decide who she is and where she belongs.

When a powerful, ancient enemy lays claim to the Earth and brings his judgment upon the population, Bates, Lexa, and the entire MIND team must do whatever it takes to save the human race before the reckoning is complete. 

Second, MIND: The Message Book #4 is done and getting a cover for Book 3's the release party in October! I'll have the link and more details in the next newsletter so stay tuned.

Lastly, I have a giveaway posted in the street team for MIND: The Beginning reviews as well. All you have to do is post an honest review of Book #1 and copy the link to the pinned post to be entered to win a $5 Amazon gift card. Giveaway is open until the end of the month!

Thanks so much for your help and remember to invite a friend or two to join my page:

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

MIND: The Beginning is FREE through 8/21!

Well, it's almost the end of the summer! I hope you had a great one. As a way to wrap up the season, I'm giving away MIND: The Beginning for free! Book two is already on sale and Book three will be released this October! If you can share on your social media that would be super!

As always, thanks for your support!

 #FREE on Amazon Kindle through 8/21! 

 After Dina Ranger loses telepathic contact with her twin brother, Duncan, she breaks into his apartment and stumbles onto a special government unit responsible for monitoring the psychic population. She’s offered a job where she can use her psionic gifts to help people. Stranded on earth over a hundred years ago, 

Liam of Shria is searching for a metal needed to repair his ship when he finds Dina inside an alien escape pod and narrowly saves her after she trips the alarm. 

 As the mystery and their relationship deepens, Liam helps Dina learn the truth behind her abilities while uncovering a plot to rebuild an ancient weapon, exposing dangerous secrets about the alien presence on earth that may change the future forever 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

FREE Book and Cover reveal!!

Hi everyone, HAPPY JUNE!! Can you believe the year is almost halfway over? Crazy!!

Well, I have some great news to share with you this month.

 First, I have a cover for MIND: The Reckoning, the 3rd book of the MIND series. This will be Bates's and his love interest's story. I don't want to tell you who she is yet, you may figure it out in Book 2.

 What do you think of the cover?? 

Second, Tiva Boon: Royal Guardian is FREE This weekend. Already have your copy? Why not tell a friend! I'm always on the lookout for new readers. If you are able to share any of my promotions, please do. I have one on my facebook page:

 Or you can use the info below:

‪#‎FREE‬ through Saturday! Already got your copy? Tell a friend! ‪#‎FinalFantasy‬ meets ‪#‎StarTrek‬ in this YA SciFi Bestseller

Thanks for all your continued support and I hope you all have a great summer!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Grand Opening Giveaway @YAInsiders!

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I'm participating in YA Insider's Grand Opening Party this month. There are a couple of Tiva Ebooks up for grabs as well as giftcards, print books, and more! Check it out and remember to share with your friends!!

Monday, April 4, 2016

MIND: The Emergence Cover Reveal & Release Party 4/8/16

Happy April Everyone!

If you haven't seen my blasting social media with my upcoming release, here it is!

Kimkuta Wolf remembers everything, always has. Her unique ability gives her an edge as a journalist, but the stories she's covering no longer get the attention they deserve. After reporting on a missing person's case, she's attacked by a 'vampire' who she claims stole her memories. The doctors think she's crazy, but Kim knows better. She recruits her best friend, Lexa Quinn, to help find an ancient artifact her Grandfather's tribe swore to protect.

Duncan Ranger has finally settled into his new job as the head of MIND, the Meta-Alien Investigation and Neutralization Department tasked with monitoring the human psychic and alien population on Earth. When MIND stumbles onto clues that lead them to another mysterious piece of alien technology, Duncan arrives just in time to thwart a second attack on Kim and Lexa, two powerful women who may be more than human.

Together, with the help of the entire MIND team, Kim and Duncan embark on a journey of discovery, connecting their lives and those of their ancestors to an emergence of people with abilities, which may alter the course of human history forever.

I hope you will join me at my Book Release Party on April 8th: where I will be giving away GiftCards, Signed Paperbacks, Ebooks, and other great swag prizes! Feel free to join and invite your friends!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Hey Everyone! Just a reminder that my 99cent sale ends on 3/31! Be sure to pick up any of these three ebooks for less than a cup of coffee!
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