Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October Newsletter & New Giveaway!

Fall has arrived!

Fall is finally here in New Jersey! Can you believe the year is almost over? You know what that means, time for Holiday Shopping. I have a couple awesome #Giveaways in today's newsletter to help you get a jump on your wish list. Check out all the links below.

Happy October Everyone!


What's New?

First, I want to say hello to all my new subscribers. Many of you have come from freebies and giveaways and I'm happy you stuck around. I have LOTS of great books to share with you, and not just mine!

The publishing world is a small community and many of us know each other and we love to help and promote one another when we can. So make sure to give them a little love, too. :-)

As for me, I'm plugging away on my latest SciFi Romance Series, almost hit 70K! My Contemporary Romance 'That News Guy' is with my publisher in review, so I hope to have a release date very soon. I got my first Agent Rejection on the Crystal Casters book after a full read. Stinky, but this is the way it works. Agents and Editors need to love a book as much as me to take it on.

Don't worry, I sent out a bunch more queries this weekend!
I have two giveaways for you this month. The first is a FIVE AUTHOR ebooks and $25 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway. That's right, these amazing authors want to share their books with you! Enter the giveaway here and check out their Amazon pages while you're at it. CLICK HERE!

I love giving sneak peaks to my newsletter subscribers. I hope you love reading them! This month I'll give you a little taste of MIND: The Fracture, coming out THIS DECEMBER from Vamptasy Publishing. This is the 6th book of the series and wraps up the majority of the original MIND story with a very special ending for those who've read the whole series so far.

The newest character is Sanjeeta Desai, who may be the only person on the planet capable of keeping the all-powerful Caelum in check. Want to see a bit?
MIND: The Fracture (unedited excerpty)

Caelum watched the human psychic shaking her head for the twenty-third time in fifteen minutes. Her facial expressions were amusing and supremely attractive when she wasn’t scrunching her face. In fact, she had the most spectacular eye color he’d ever seen on a human. As the video ended, Sanjeeta rubbed the side of her neck and glimpsed over to Hinta sitting in the lounge talking on his Netphone. She pursued her lips and looked back to the computer screen.

Caelum was still having issues reading her. Although her bioreadings all fell within normal ranges for a psychic, he couldn’t sense her emotional state and found it oddly captivating.

When she turned to him and smiled nervously, he straightened in his chair. Considering the woman was still sitting in the base a good sign, he tried to ease her anxiety with a smile of his own.

Her cheeks flushed. “Which, uh, class are you?”

“Technically, Sarpian,” he said. Remembering humans preferred elaboration, he continued. “I was genetically enhanced…long ago.”

“Am I an alien?”


“You’re sure.”


“Yeah, I can see how you’re an alien.”

“Visitor is the preferred terminology.”

“Sorry,” she said, turning back to the screen. “It’s…a lot to process.”

“You seem to be managing well, had you ever considered visitors a possibility? Human society is rife with fictional versions.”

“Honestly, I never dismissed the idea. Do you know much about India?”

“Some, your culture has many fascinating tales of beings coming down from the sky,” he replied, watching her cheeks darken. “The Mahabharata is an interesting read.”

“Yes. Is it true?”

“I’m uncertain, I was…far away during that time period on your planet.”

“You were alive then? Did ali—visitors come here back then?”

“Yes and yes.”

“So it could be true? Crap, this is intense…are you sure I’m not an alien? The people on the psychic board said I can’t be telekinetic.”

“You are not alien. Your scan should be done now, I can show you,” he said, rising from his seat and moving up behind her. “That blue bar on the bottom of the screen. Tap it twice.” Sanjeeta nodded and tapped, bringing up her DNA sequence. Caelum stared at it, tilting his head to the side. “Intriguing.”

Check back December 19th for more!

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

$25 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway!

The Lucky Collection is live!! I'm sure no one minds a few days early, right? This release I'm doing things a little different. No events, but I still have a fantastic giveaway! First, a little bit about The Lucky Collection. This is my first Romantic Suspense series originally published in 2012. For this re-release you get all three books, Lucky's Charm, Lucky's Break, and Lucky's Promise for one low price. Only $4.99!! So make sure to GET YOUR COPY NOW!
Already have it? Make sure to leave me a review! Want to help me even more? How about a little bribe? Join my newsletter (or update your name) and then share on your social media for extra entries. One lucky random winner gets a $25 Amazon Gift Card! It's that easy! As for me? I'm deep in the writing cave, working on a new SciFi Romance series. I'm calling it Taken meets Scorpion in Space. :-) I'll let you think on that one for a little while. Hope you have a great weekend!! ~Jenn

Sunday, September 3, 2017

September News!

For those of you following only on this blog, I've switched over to MailChimp for my newsletter. You can read it online: http://mailchi.mp/7d05d5106ed9/99-september-sale-exclusive-excerpts

I'll post the links every month!


Monday, July 3, 2017

#CoverReveal, Blurb, & Event Party - MIND: The Vision

Whew, it's July!

The weather has been hot here in NJ the past week, looks like Summer decided to stick around for a while. I hope you're all enjoying it so far. Congrats to all the recent graduates and their families! Well done. Keep up the great work.

I have a few exciting things to share with you today. First, of course, is the cover reveal for MIND: The Vision, on sale July 18th!! How about the blurb, too?

As a Vepsatian-Human Hybrid, hiding from the general population has become second nature to
Jazara. She has lived a painful and lonely existence due to her unique and dangerous ability to see the future. After waking up imprisoned alongside her uncle, Jazara fights her captor, breaks out of the Vepsar ship, and stumbles across two hybrids who claim to know her uncle. Although reluctant to divulge her situation to strangers and get involved in their complicated situation, Jazara takes a chance and seeks their help.

Being part of a one-man neighborhood watch program helped Hinta to pass the time when he wasn’t aiding the MIND team. However, giving back to society by chasing low-level psychic criminals doesn’t hold as much interest as it once did. Deciding to devote more energy assisting Liam, Bates, the Ranger twins, and the rest of the team with their investigation into the alien message, Hinta makes arrangements to protect his former hometown while he’s away. When he offers to go into the field, following up on a lead, he encounters a beautiful Vepsatian woman and her uncle who both appear to have been held against their will.

Vowing to help Jazara bring her captor to justice and find some semblance of peace, Hinta takes an active role within the MIND team only to realize their budding relationship may be more important than either of them realize when Jazara’s visions start to come true.

I'm having a SUPER SALE in two weeks to celebrate the new release. MIND: The Beginning will be free and the following two books 99cents and 1.99 respectively. I hope you'll all help me find new readers. Book 1 is 99cents right now if you don't want to wait!

I'm also having a party on July 23rd with some amazing authors including Cynthia Sax, Jessica E. Subject, Cameo Renae and more! Here's the link: facebook.com/events/710433775821732 I'll have some awesome giveaways like signed print books, necklaces, and socks!

Next month we'll have a newsletter subscriber giveaway, so make sure your email is verified!

Happy July 4th Everyone. :-)


Check out these sales!

Acacia is the Oracle of Delphi. She should be revered, protected, maybe even worshiped, but instead, she is held captive by Apollo’s priests and forced to breathe fumes that induce her naturally occurring visions.

When a warlord comes to her for counsel, freedom seems to be within her grasp, provided she can convince him release her and risk the wrath of the gods.


Ari’s met the most mesmerizing hunk in existence. It only took her best friend getting turned into a vampire and the queen’s deranged sidekick kidnapping Ari as leverage to find him.

This is a sweet romantic short that runs alongside the Broken World’s main series.


His grin was halfway a smile, halfway a threat... This wasn't about her, this was about him, and making him feel good. Making him feel like it was worthwhile.

Then they told me I had been attacked by monsters, and that those monsters worked for a vampire. It seemed like a joke. A cruel joke.

I was just starting to believe them when I found out something awful about my saviors... Now I have to wonder which is more dangerous: what's outside, or the men she let in.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

OMG it's June! #Giveaway and Sale!

Can you believe it's already June? This year is flying by, isn't it? I've been busy writing a novel I called #WeirdThing. It's done! I'm not sure what genre it is to be honest, so I sent it to a few of my BetaReaders to check out.

I've also sent out MIND: The Vision for edits and cover. I'll have a cover reveal very soon in my Chat room: facebook.com/groups/JennsStreetTeam and on Facebook: facebook.com/JennNixonAuthor so make sure you're following both. Remember to check out July's newsletter for Release Party information, too.

I'm having a #Giveaway and Sale for MIND: The Beginning this weekend. You can win an Amazon Gift Card and some handmade jewelry!! Check it out! jennnixon.com/giveaway

Lastly, I'm working on reading and editing the Lucky Serries for re-release in August! I'll have a new cover for the anthology soon.

I hope you all have some fun plans this summer! Plenty of great movies coming out. If you need some more books to read check out these freebies and sales:

Can Raven convince Lance he's seeking revenge on the wrong woman?
Time Travel Romance

Die, reincarnate, repeat. It's been a long fifteen hundred years...
Paranormal Fantasy

Want to read a FREE novelette about how Atlantis sank, gods fell, and the first vampire was born? Download now! https://www.bookboast.com/link/2671/26628

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May News & #Prizes for Reviews

The trees are green and the flowers are blooming! I'm constantly sneezing, but that's okay, I love the spring! Despite my allergies, I love the smell of fresh cut grass and the scent of flowers on the air. It helps that the weather is nice and cool, too. I'm not much of a summer person to be honest!

Right now I'm working on what I call #WeirdThing it's a dystopian urban fantasy, I think. It's got magic I'm not calling magic. A man with wings who's not really a gargoyle, and it's set in the future after a huge war that ruins half the planet. I should be done with the first draft by this weekend and I'm planning three books to finish the full story. :-) It's been a lot of fun so far and a little different from what I normally write, but it still has that Jenn feel to it for sure.

I should have some news in June about the Lucky Books and hopefully have a cover to show you for book 5!

In other news, I have the book cover concept for MIND: The Vision (Bk5) already done, hope to get that off to the artist in June. Editing for the book should also start very soon, so I'll have ARC Beta Reader copies to share.

Lastly, I'd like to invite you all to my Chat Room/Street Team especially if you've left me a review in the past and plan on reviewing more. Every month I have a giveaway for my readers in this group. All you have to do is post an honest review for any of my books within the month to enter. Stop by and say hi if you'd like: https://www.facebook.com/groups/JennsStreetTeam

Book Freebies & Sales!
Check out these bargains - Remember to leave a review for any free books you get!

#AgentsofSHIELD meets Ancient aliens in this bestselling SciFi-Romance. Paranormal fans are loving this series! Check out book 1 for only 99c


He never would have been interested in a girl like me. But I'm close to him again, and I'll do anything to make him look at me like a woman. Like a woman with needs and desires. Because all of my desires revolve around him.


The fascinating collection of Paranormal, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Romance Stories is here! Read Now the most intriguing stories by Ashley L. Hunt! More than 100.000 words of pure lust, adventure, and exotic places! The pages turn themselves!


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#Giveaway Winners & Book 5 Sneak Peek!


I saw the sunshine this weekend! Feels like it rained all last week here in New Jersey. Spring is finally here despite the piles of snow still hanging on for dear life. I'm busy working on a new project I'm calling #WeirdThing. It's about a woman who learns she has magical powers but I'm not calling it magic and she's connected to a man with wings - but don't call him a gargoyle - who needs her power to save him and the entire planet. I still have no idea if it'll work, we'll see!

April is also my birthday month and surprise! You get the gifts this time! First up, a special surprise for all of you, the opening scene from Book 5 MIND: The Vision where we meet Jazara. She doesn't start off in the best of places, but her story is very interesting and I think you'll enjoy her unique journey.

Chapter One
May 2nd 2034

The warmth of the dream enveloping her drifted away, replaced by freezing hard metal and a painful throbbing in her head. It seemed as if she’d been sleeping for days. Taking a deep breath shot darts of pain up her spine. Her first attempt to move confirmed her hands were bound, but her feet were free and shaking slightly from the cold slab she was lying on. Trying to remember what happened had to wait, Jazara needed to know where she was, now.
When she opened her eyes, darkness greeted her along with a soft grunt in the distance. Muted light from behind allowed her eyes to adjust enough to make out a person slumped over, leaning against a gray wall. Pushing passed the agony ripping through her temple, Jazara reached out with her mind to identify the slumped figure and get some answers.
The person’s head lifted.
The room was still too dark to make out any facial features and Jazara learned long ago how cautious she had to be with her powers. Luckily, he brushed his mind against hers, quickly allaying her first fear.
Yes, I am here. What do you remember? He grunted and coughed.
What do you mean? she asked mentally as she surveyed the now visible cell, letting her eyesight fully adjust and the notion they were trapped settle.
Every time they send you back, you tell me you can’t remember, what happened, or whom you saw.
Who cares, uncle? Get us out of here.
I can’t. He lifted his hands slightly to show the same cuffs around his wrists. All my physical powers are muted.
Jazara frowned, that news didn’t bode well for their potential getaway. He always drove, she didn’t have the power to telehop. How did we get here? Last I recall, we were having dinner…
They found the island.
Who? she asked as a jagged shiver scraped up her back.
Before he answered, the creak of a door caught her attention, kicking her defenses into high gear. Her internal temperature increased, enhancing her five senses and readying her muscles for fight or flight.
Jazara never had the chance.
In the next moment, she was in a brightly lit room with four huge lamps hanging from the ceiling. She knew this room.
A shadow crossed in front of her and loomed above looking straight down at her. The lights were too bright for Jazara to see a face.
“What do you want?” she asked, trying to shield her eyes with her cuffed hands.
“Same as before, of course, to see the future.”
“No.” Shaking her head, Jazara scrambled away from the woman, not believing the voice speaking to her, not quite hearing the words either as the fear took over.

“They know we exist. Our time on Earth will come to an end if we don’t stop the experiments, stop the uprising.”

MIND: The Vision will be out this July! 
Be sure to pick up Book 1 MIND: The Beginning if you haven't started yet, it's only 99 cents! http://amzn.to/2lDOiuG


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Because the nature of the killings obstructs the normal passage of souls, Veles, the sultry lord of the underworld, offers Rose his assistance; the were is left facing not only the new knowledge of the pack's hidden lineage but also her growing fondness for the arrogant god...

To win the war, the pack must ascend to The Dark Ones. But to do so, they must be willing to risk being on the receiving end of the immortal community's wrath.


A nightmare of galactic proportions… 
One normal day turns into horror when Earth is attacked. Now ER nurse Alexandra Bock is imprisoned aboard an alien slave ship with no way out. She deems all aliens untrustworthy, including the handsome blue-skinned Matiran captain who shares her cell.

A betrayal from within… 
One night of treachery leaves Senior Captain Gryf Helyg a prisoner of his enemies. Because of him, Earth’s inhabitants face extinction and his home world is threatened. But his plans for escape are complicated by his inexplicable draw to the Earth woman imprisoned with him.

A chance to save both their peoples… 
One ancient prophecy holds the key to free Alexandra and Gryf’s war-ravaged worlds. Can two wounded souls who have lost everything learn to trust and forgive in order to fulfill the prophecy, and find a love that will last for eternity? 

Jenn Nixon
421 Brennan Ct.
S. Plainfield NJ 07080