Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#Giveaway Winners & Book 5 Sneak Peek!


I saw the sunshine this weekend! Feels like it rained all last week here in New Jersey. Spring is finally here despite the piles of snow still hanging on for dear life. I'm busy working on a new project I'm calling #WeirdThing. It's about a woman who learns she has magical powers but I'm not calling it magic and she's connected to a man with wings - but don't call him a gargoyle - who needs her power to save him and the entire planet. I still have no idea if it'll work, we'll see!

April is also my birthday month and surprise! You get the gifts this time! First up, a special surprise for all of you, the opening scene from Book 5 MIND: The Vision where we meet Jazara. She doesn't start off in the best of places, but her story is very interesting and I think you'll enjoy her unique journey.

Chapter One
May 2nd 2034

The warmth of the dream enveloping her drifted away, replaced by freezing hard metal and a painful throbbing in her head. It seemed as if she’d been sleeping for days. Taking a deep breath shot darts of pain up her spine. Her first attempt to move confirmed her hands were bound, but her feet were free and shaking slightly from the cold slab she was lying on. Trying to remember what happened had to wait, Jazara needed to know where she was, now.
When she opened her eyes, darkness greeted her along with a soft grunt in the distance. Muted light from behind allowed her eyes to adjust enough to make out a person slumped over, leaning against a gray wall. Pushing passed the agony ripping through her temple, Jazara reached out with her mind to identify the slumped figure and get some answers.
The person’s head lifted.
The room was still too dark to make out any facial features and Jazara learned long ago how cautious she had to be with her powers. Luckily, he brushed his mind against hers, quickly allaying her first fear.
Yes, I am here. What do you remember? He grunted and coughed.
What do you mean? she asked mentally as she surveyed the now visible cell, letting her eyesight fully adjust and the notion they were trapped settle.
Every time they send you back, you tell me you can’t remember, what happened, or whom you saw.
Who cares, uncle? Get us out of here.
I can’t. He lifted his hands slightly to show the same cuffs around his wrists. All my physical powers are muted.
Jazara frowned, that news didn’t bode well for their potential getaway. He always drove, she didn’t have the power to telehop. How did we get here? Last I recall, we were having dinner…
They found the island.
Who? she asked as a jagged shiver scraped up her back.
Before he answered, the creak of a door caught her attention, kicking her defenses into high gear. Her internal temperature increased, enhancing her five senses and readying her muscles for fight or flight.
Jazara never had the chance.
In the next moment, she was in a brightly lit room with four huge lamps hanging from the ceiling. She knew this room.
A shadow crossed in front of her and loomed above looking straight down at her. The lights were too bright for Jazara to see a face.
“What do you want?” she asked, trying to shield her eyes with her cuffed hands.
“Same as before, of course, to see the future.”
“No.” Shaking her head, Jazara scrambled away from the woman, not believing the voice speaking to her, not quite hearing the words either as the fear took over.

“They know we exist. Our time on Earth will come to an end if we don’t stop the experiments, stop the uprising.”

MIND: The Vision will be out this July! 
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