Monday, July 3, 2017

#CoverReveal, Blurb, & Event Party - MIND: The Vision

Whew, it's July!

The weather has been hot here in NJ the past week, looks like Summer decided to stick around for a while. I hope you're all enjoying it so far. Congrats to all the recent graduates and their families! Well done. Keep up the great work.

I have a few exciting things to share with you today. First, of course, is the cover reveal for MIND: The Vision, on sale July 18th!! How about the blurb, too?

As a Vepsatian-Human Hybrid, hiding from the general population has become second nature to
Jazara. She has lived a painful and lonely existence due to her unique and dangerous ability to see the future. After waking up imprisoned alongside her uncle, Jazara fights her captor, breaks out of the Vepsar ship, and stumbles across two hybrids who claim to know her uncle. Although reluctant to divulge her situation to strangers and get involved in their complicated situation, Jazara takes a chance and seeks their help.

Being part of a one-man neighborhood watch program helped Hinta to pass the time when he wasn’t aiding the MIND team. However, giving back to society by chasing low-level psychic criminals doesn’t hold as much interest as it once did. Deciding to devote more energy assisting Liam, Bates, the Ranger twins, and the rest of the team with their investigation into the alien message, Hinta makes arrangements to protect his former hometown while he’s away. When he offers to go into the field, following up on a lead, he encounters a beautiful Vepsatian woman and her uncle who both appear to have been held against their will.

Vowing to help Jazara bring her captor to justice and find some semblance of peace, Hinta takes an active role within the MIND team only to realize their budding relationship may be more important than either of them realize when Jazara’s visions start to come true.

I'm having a SUPER SALE in two weeks to celebrate the new release. MIND: The Beginning will be free and the following two books 99cents and 1.99 respectively. I hope you'll all help me find new readers. Book 1 is 99cents right now if you don't want to wait!

I'm also having a party on July 23rd with some amazing authors including Cynthia Sax, Jessica E. Subject, Cameo Renae and more! Here's the link: I'll have some awesome giveaways like signed print books, necklaces, and socks!

Next month we'll have a newsletter subscriber giveaway, so make sure your email is verified!

Happy July 4th Everyone. :-)


Check out these sales!

Acacia is the Oracle of Delphi. She should be revered, protected, maybe even worshiped, but instead, she is held captive by Apollo’s priests and forced to breathe fumes that induce her naturally occurring visions.

When a warlord comes to her for counsel, freedom seems to be within her grasp, provided she can convince him release her and risk the wrath of the gods.

Ari’s met the most mesmerizing hunk in existence. It only took her best friend getting turned into a vampire and the queen’s deranged sidekick kidnapping Ari as leverage to find him.

This is a sweet romantic short that runs alongside the Broken World’s main series.

His grin was halfway a smile, halfway a threat... This wasn't about her, this was about him, and making him feel good. Making him feel like it was worthwhile.

Then they told me I had been attacked by monsters, and that those monsters worked for a vampire. It seemed like a joke. A cruel joke.

I was just starting to believe them when I found out something awful about my saviors... Now I have to wonder which is more dangerous: what's outside, or the men she let in.

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